Double Feature: TRIO & Twilight Zone Improvised

A hero’s adventure and a sci-fi extravaganza // In English This night brings you two top notch impro shows from our international guests. The show TRIO reveals the hero hidden in each of us! Two audience members are randomly picked, they choose a genre for an adventure and off they go! Watch them become the unexpected heroes of a thrilling story while improviser Mark Jane (Paris/France) directs and plays all the other characters. Watch the lucky couple being transformed into the protagonists of their own fabulous adventure! Music by Antoine Rup. Alien invasions, xenophobia, time-travel, dream logic. 60 years ago Rod Sterling’s groundbreaking series The Twilight Zone brought science fiction to the masses. Investigating the moral and political questions of his time Sterling created a timeless masterpiece and tonight Jo McGinley and Stephen Kearin from Impro Theatre (LA/USA) pay homage to it. From the darkest corners of reality to the land of the unexplained, they bring you Twilight Zone Improvised.


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